Nanyang Technological University
Final-Year-project (FYP)
Individual project
Awarded Merit for Singapore Creator Awards 2019
Awarded Bronze for SADM's Sustainability Award 2019
Exhibited at ADM Show 2019: (10 May - 19 May)
Exhibiting at NTU's North Spine Gallery - TBC
Exhibiting at 'Design for Good, Singapore' - TBC

Design Statement
SPROUT is a wall-mounted rain barrel designed to make collecting rainwater easier within residential premises. SPROUT aims to foster wiser water usage by minimizing the use of clean water for non-potable use.
Problem Statement

While clean water is readily available, it is difficult for people to understand the severe implications of water shortages and how a water drought could cripple the society.
Besides securing an adequate water supply for the people and raising prices to control wastage, Singapore's water demand needs to be better addressed.
The ‘free’ water can be used for non-potable purposes such as sanitation and irrigation. In response to water scarcity, let us sprout the seeds of
re-thinking our relationship with water!

Design & Making Process